Phil's Weekly Awards 2020 - Week 6

Thanks to everyone who chipped in to the awards last week, it was nice to be on the other side of it and read the highest quality writing the awards have ever seen! I think this would be something we should do more often and not just because I’m running... [Read More]

Sort Of Phil's Weekly Awards 2020 - Week 5

A bit of a different approach this week. Our noble critic and wise correspondent Phil has found himself snowed under with something called ‘work’ this week (I don’t know either) so in the spirit of keeping these awards ticking over we’ve taken to crowdsourcing. [Read More]

Phil's Weekly Awards 2020 - Week 4

This intro is offered to our leaguemate who posted a message in the chat that he would be stepping aside for the time being and if we wanted we could look into finding a new owner for his team but everyone seems to be of the same opinion that we... [Read More]

Phil's Weekly Awards 2020 - Week 3

The North (or at least the teams now in the North) have been considered the strongest in recent times but it is starting to look like times are changing. The North does not have the most wins out of the divisions and it only has one team with a winning... [Read More]