Pythons Crowned Champions of Britannia Bowl VII

After the announcement that the Bills/Bengals game will not be restarted, the Oxford Pythons have been crowned champions of UK Dynasty 2023 in unique circumstances. The Pythons had an almost insurmountable (but not quite out of reach) lead of 63.4 points when the game was suspended due to the shocking... [Read More]

Playoff Seedings 2022

It’s that time already! The 2022 season is over and we’re ready to start looking ahead to the playoffs, with the Oxford Pythons clinching their first ever top seed berth in UKD history. [Read More]

Phil's Weekly Awards - 2022 Week 7, 8 and 9

I don’t know why I like to punish myself and leave this to do in bunches of threes but here we are with another triple awards. I means I make more mistakes than usual as I’ve got weekly reports, rosters, spreadsheets and much more spread across 4 screens trying to... [Read More]