It’s that time already! The 2022 season is over and we’re ready to start looking ahead to the playoffs, with the Oxford Pythons clinching their first ever top seed berth in UKD history.

Playoff Seedings

  1. Oxford Pythons
  2. Wigan Wombats
  3. Flitwick Fireflies
  4. Nottingham Bandits
  5. Lurgan Leopards
  6. Andover Sandslashers

Wildcard Weekend (Week 15)

Flitwick Fireflies vs. Andover Sandslashers
Nottingham Bandits vs. Lurgan Leopards

Divisional Weekend (Week 16)

Oxford Pythons vs. Wildcard Matchup Winner with lowest seed
Wigan Wombats vs. Wildcard Matchup Winner with highest seed

Championship Weekend (Week 17)

You know the drill…

Rookie Draft Order

  1. Gateshead Spartans
  2. Chippenham Beavers
  3. Cymru Cobras
  4. Coventry Eagles
  5. Oxford Seahawks
  6. Derby Otters
  7. TBC…