Rookie Draft 2019 - Round 1 recap

Days after the mid-point between the Super Bowl and the start of the 2019 NFL season, what better way to fill the time than the 3rd annual UK Dynasty rookie draft? After the drama of a huge trade for the first overall pick prior to last year’s draft, the trading... [Read More]

Jon's Mock Draft v1.0

With the combine in the rear view mirror, draft season is in full flow, and that means it’s mock draft time, with resident Wombat Jonathan. [Read More]

Shocker: Owners pass divisional realignment bid at annual meeting

Shockwaves have been sent through the league after UK Dynasty owners passed the somewhat controversial divisional realignment bid with a majority of 7 to 4, with 1 abstaining from the vote. The Chargers and Eagles from the South, and the Fireflies and Otters from the North, will move into the... [Read More]

Owners' Meeting 2019: Potential rule changes

I was trying to wait for ESPN to re-open following its incessant annual maintenance before kicking off the Owners’ Meeting, but apparently they struggle to get a bit of website maintenance done within a few days, despite being 80% owned by a $153bn company. [Read More]