It feels so good to wake up in the morning and check fantasy scores again!! How many of us had at least 2 screens set up on Sunday evening, one for RedZone and the other for your favourite team and/or checking fantasy scores? I’m in eight leagues this year, a mix of dynasty and redraft, and this is still the first one I check, the one I mentally check in my head if the catch, run or TD I’m watching is good or bad for me.

Nothing is certain in this league either! Here we are in season 4 and the team that lost the most consecutive matches last season is currently top of their division. The highest score of the week was achieved by a 6-7 team last year and the team that is ranked the strongest in dynasty by FantasyPros posted the fourth lowest score of the week and lost!

Week 1 usually has crazy all over it and Week 2 is back to normal, but what normal will it be this year? Will AB be the next Randy Moss or Ochocinco? Is Austin Ekeler now a top 10 dynasty RB? Will we all pick whichever team is playing Miami in the Survivor?

Fingers crossed; I’ll be at a Buffalo Wild Wings in Colorado for Thursday Night Football so which jersey should I wear? Eagles, Saints, Packers or Chiefs?

The Buzzsaw: Wigan Wombats

If you are starting 2 TEs in your line-up you are either injury ravaged, have a lot of byes or taking the piss. Jonathan started both Engram and Waller with the likes of Dorsett, McLaurin, Quinn and Snead on the bench and he put up a scary 171.72 total to crush the Flyers in the divisional opener. Add this to Cousins only throwing 10 times and Albert Wilson playing in Miami and the score is even more impressive, but when Sammy Watkins almost gets 200 yards with 3 TDs and your running backs both hit over 20, it makes it a comfortable start to the season. (The North has the top 2 teams of the week, whereas the Midlands have the bottom 2.)

Wigan Wombats - 🏆

Highest Point Scorer - Wigan Wombats

The curse of the highest point scorer is a thing of the past as Sammy Watkins got 42.3 points in the Wombats win and the second highest scorer, CMC, played for the second-highest scoring team, the Spartans.

If you take season ADP from Fantasy Pros for the top 10 performers of the week, it averages out to 107!!! (Awesome fact - Ed)

Watkins (88), CMC (3), Ekeler (72), Lamar Jackson (101), Dak (124), Desean (127), Ross! (292!), Watson (43), Hollywood (187) and Henry (34).

3 of the top 10 were not started - Dak, John Ross and Marquise Brown - and Brown is on the Fireflies taxi squad (maybe not for long?).

Wigan Wombats – 🏆

Unluckiest Loser - Oxford Seahawks

The South had the 3rd, 4th and 5th highest scores of the week and the Seahawks were the unlucky 5th place team who faced the 4th placed Pythons. 135 would have beaten 2 former champions as well and the blame can be completely aimed at Corey Davis. The Titans scored 43 points, but Davis didn’t get any of this 3 (3!!!!?????) targets and laid an egg. Even just 3/30 would have secured a derby win!

Oxford Seahawks - 🏆

Closest Matchup - Oxford Pythons

Five of the matchups were comfortable with the Wombats and Spartans winning by over 60 points, the Sandslashers winning by 48, the Chargers by 31 and the Eagles by 20. The bitter Oxford Derby was won by the Pythons by just 3.12 points! Olly played an almost perfect game, leaving very few points on the bench whereas Dan was let down by his big names who he won’t trade, Corey Davis and Kerryon Johnson.

Oxford Pythons – 🏆

Most Impactful Injury - Oxford Pythons

Can Scott and Dermy join me in a moment of silence for our man BDN? He finally gets to be THE man and he shows how good he can be with a great TD throw and he gets his shoulder blade broken. It has no real impact on our league though as Tom has Stafford, Flacco and Dak.

The one that will have the biggest effect will probably be the Tyreek Hill injury and although it didn’t do much harm to the Pythons this week, you look at the bench and you wonder who will step in for him.

Is it me or has this season seem pretty good for season-ending injuries so far? (Shup up, Phil!!! - Ed)

Oxford Pythons – 🏆

Worst Decision - Irish Flyers

Dermy sat John Ross whose 30 points would have made no difference in his match up and to be honest, he wasn’t getting in the line-up over anyone. Jonathan starting any Miami player seems ridiculous now but maybe there was some garbage time hope.

The most impactful was starting Corey Davis over Michael Gallup but I can also honestly say I would have done the same thing.

I’m going to give the award to Dermy because MFL very helpful shows your line-up efficiency rating and he has a lowly 66.5%. Dalton over Ben, Burkhead over McCoy, Ross over anyone but DJax, Tre’Quan over Evans all add up to a bad week 1.

Irish Flyers - 🏆

Roll of Honour

Wigan Wombats - 🏆🏆
Oxford Pythons - 🏆🏆
Irish Flyers - 🏆
Oxford Seahawks - 🏆