After the earlier announcement that the North/South divide is being bridged by a new Midlands division from the 2019 season onwards, the rest of the votes from the Owners’ Meeting are in.

Two other suggestions out of the remaining five were passed by the exemplary committee of dynasty owners. The permanent (for now) move to MyFantasyLeague from ESPN was passed, with 10 out of 12 owners voting for, and two abstaining, after a snap vote on the same issue failed to pass last year by a hair’s breadth.

The Irish Flyers’ suggestion for zero dollar bids to be allowed when submitting waiver claims was almost unanimous, if unanimous means 10 out of 12. Zero dollar waiver bids will be allowed from the 2019 season onwards.

Suggestions that didn’t muster enough support to pass this time around were the Flyers’ ideas to add an extra IR spot (7-5 against) and an extra Flex spot to replace one of the WR spots in the starting lineup (a tied vote), and the Pythons’ bid to remove divisions entirely (10-2 against).

A full account of votes cast by owners on all decisions is published on Google Sheets.

More information on the division realignment’s effect on the schedule and playoffs is expected to be forthcoming from the league office.