The rookie draft will begin at midday (UK time, to be clear) on Saturday 27th May.

The draft order (including trades) is available to see on


There will be a 10-hour clock on each pick, with the clock paused between 10pm and 6am. Picks can still be made during this time, but the 10-hour clock won’t be active until 6am. This has caused some confusion before, so have a couple of examples:

  • Team A are on the clock with 6 hours remaining when the clock strikes 10pm. The clock is paused overnight, and turns back on at 6am. At this point, the owner of Team A still has 6 hours remaining on the clock, so has to pick by midday.
  • Team A are on the clock with 2 hours remaining at 10pm. They make their pick at midnight. Team B, next in line, make their pick at 2am. Team C are now ‘on the clock’. The clock is paused, however, until 6am. Team B must make their pick by 4pm.

Trades during the draft

Trades will be processed immediately on commissioner approval during the draft, and I’ll be as available as possible to make that happen. Make trades as usual, on MyFantasyLeague, and maybe give me a prod by GroupMe or email if it’s related to the pick on the clock, to let me know it needs to be processed sharpish.

Pre-Draft Selections

You can make “pre-draft” selections per round, if you think you might not be able to make your pick manually at any time. Nobody else can see who you’ve selected in pre-draft lists. This option is in the MyFantasyLeague menu under “For Owners > Draft” when you’re not on the clock. When you are, this link takes you to the page to make your draft pick.

My Draft List

You can also create your own list of rankings of rookies for the whole draft at “For Owners > My Draft List”. This is private and for your reference only.

What if I miss my pick?

If you fail to make a pick in time, a player will be selected based on the following rules:

  1. the next available player on YOUR PRE-DRAFT LIST
  2. the next available player by highest MyFantasyLeague ADP

If you repeatedly fail to make a pick in the allotted time, the commissioner reserves the right to put you on “automatic draft” mode, where the above procedure will happen immediately when you go on the clock, for remaining picks. I really don’t expect to have to do that, though!

On the flipside, remember that owners are totally permitted to use their whole allotted clock time to make their pick. This won’t take months, and owners should feel comfortable to spend their time deciding on players or trades and not be rushed. i.e. don’t start pressurising in the chat if someone hasn’t picked in 4 hours - we got time, baby, no rush.