We were pondering what the odds would look like if bookies had a market out for Britannia Bowl II. To aid the creation of such a thing, Sandslasher Scott Westwood conducted a poll of owners asking for their rating of each team in UK Dynasty (you can tell the off-season is in full flow, right?).

The results

Team Average score Make playoffs?
Coventry Eagles (S) 8.17 100%
Wigan Wombats (N) 7.17 91.7%
Chippenham Packers (S) 7.17 58.3%
Nottingham Bandits (N) 6.67 41.7%
Gateshead Spartans (N) 6.58 58.3%
Hereford Chargers (S) 6.33 75%
Andover Sandslashers (S) 6.00 33.3%
Derby Otters (N) 5.67 58.3%
Irish Flyers (N) 5.67 50%
Oxford Seahawks (S) 5.33 25%
Oxford Pythons (S) 5.08 8.3%
Bradford Championz (N) 4.83 0%

Some ‘fun’ facts

  • The Coventry Eagles scored highly across the board, averaging 8.17, a full point higher than the closest rivals, and were the only team selected as a playoff contender by all 12 owners.
  • Only the Oxford Seahawks and Bradford Championz failed to score a single score higher than 7, and the Championz were the only team not selected as a playoff contender by any owner.
  • The Bradford Championz were the most controversial team in that they had the wildest range of scores from 1 to 7, but the Irish Flyers and Oxford Pythons also elicited differing opinions, both receiving a smorgasbord of ratings from 3 right up to 8.
  • The Gateshead Spartans were the most consistently graded team, with ten scores of either 6 or 7, and the other two only dropping down to 5 and up to 8.

Brittania Bowl II Odds

Using the results and tweaking a bit for divisional bias, here’s what I/we think the Britannia Bowl II sportsbook looks like right now:

Team Odds
Coventry Eagles 5/1
Wigan Wombats 13/2
Nottingham Bandits 8/1
Chippenham Packers 9/1
Gateshead Spartans 10/1
Hereford Chargers 12/1
Andover Sandslashers 12/1
Irish Flyers 14/1
Derby Otters 14/1
Bradford Championz 16/1
Oxford Seahawks 20/1
Oxford Pythons 20/1

Max bet 2p.

Results in full

Roll on the draft!