Phil's Weekly Awards 2019 - Week 9

I promised that once I had time that I would put a little more effort into these awards, and I will try and deliver this week with some standings chat and the odd little statistic thrown in as well. [Read More]

Phil's Weekly Awards 2019 - Week 7 & 8

Apologies for the lack of awards last week, real life has been getting in the way, on the road most of last week in the UK and this week in the USA. Next week is a lot calmer, so I should have the awards out at a decent time. [Read More]

Phil's Weekly Awards 2019 - Week 5

Every fantasy podcast I’ve been listening to has been losing their minds at some of the scores players have put up this week. Well we had some season records this week too, with out highest and lowest scores of the season put up in week 5. You either had them... [Read More]

Phil's Weekly Awards 2019 - Week 4

Last week was the week of big scores, this week was quite the opposite. Only half the teams managed to break the 100-point barrier with 4 teams getting 70 points or less, and I think this was due to the fact that many big name players failed to score big.... [Read More]