After a peaceful, boring year with nothing unusual to talk about, finally we have some drama in 2020.

North division winners: Nottingham Bandits (11-2, 1592.22 PF)
Midlands division winners: Coventry Eagles (11-2, 1410.64 PF)
South division winners: Oxford Seahawks (9-4, 1394.18 PF)

Top seeds and getting the bye will be the Bandits and Eagles, with the Seahawks entering the wildcard fun.

  1. Nottingham Bandits
  2. Coventry Eagles
  3. Oxford Seahawks

4th and 5th seeds go to the next two best records:

  1. Flitwick Fireflies (8-5, 1372.64 PF)
  2. Gateshead Spartans (7-6, 1361.94 PF)

6th seed goes to the remaining highest points scorer over the season:

  1. Chippenham Beavers (6-7, 1611.92 PF)

Thus, we have our Wildcard Weekend matchups for week 14:

Oxford Seahawks (3) vs. Chippenham Beavers (6)
Flitwick Fireflies (4) vs. Gateshead Spartans (5)

The Bandits will play the lowest winning seed in Week 15’s semi-finals, with the Eagles facing the highest.

Rookie Draft 2021

We’ve also got the rookie draft order for the first six in next year’s rookie draft set in concrete, until they’re wildly traded (some already are).

1: Hereford Chargers 2: Lurgan Leopards 3: Wigan Wombats 4: Andover Sandslashers 5: Derby Otters 6: Oxford Pythons

The remaining order will be sorted once the playoffs reach their inevitable conclusion.