Phil's Weekly Awards 2020 - Week 1

If you had asked me 2 months ago, I would have said that I would not be writing these awards this season. The pandemic put the season in doubt but here we are with the first week of the season done, with RedZone watched, YouTube highlights to get through the... [Read More]

Rookie Draft 2020 - Round 1 recap

The end of the NFL season this time around exhibited more change in routine and normality than usual. The ‘new normal’ (stop it) of daily waivers replaced by daily briefings, weekly matchups by weekly changes to lockdown measures. The effect on the NFL has been limited so far, with the... [Read More]

Rookie Draft 2020: Order

The most important news of the season comes around this time of year - not who won the championship, but who is holding which pick in the rookie draft. Wait no longer, because here’s the order of picks for the 2020 Draft: [Read More]

Week 17 Pro Bowl

Inspired by a post on the infallible /r/dynastyff subreddit, this year we’re going to try something new: a week 17 “Pro Bowl” 3-way matchup. [Read More]

Flyers claim Britannia Bowl IV glory

Congratulations to the Irish Flyers, who were worthy champions of the UK Dynasty 2019 season after a 159.88 to 100.34 victory over the Nottingham Bandits in the fourth Britannia Bowl this past weekend. Superstar RB Saquon Barkley, mildly underwhelming in this 2019 season, peaked at just the right time for... [Read More]