The Oxford Seahawks have clinched Britannia Bowl V in dramatic fashion.

The Spartans’ 2TE spectacular of Jimmy Graham and Rob Gronkowski had put up a combined 39.7, and solid performances from Rodgers, Fournette, Sanders and Thielen had left Gateshead in a 130.54 - 109.5 lead going into MNF.

We went into Monday Night Football (or at least I think that’s what day it is) with the Spartans needing to avoid Josh Allen reaching 21.04 points or higher, and with 320 yards and 4 touchdowns, Allen’s 32.3 sealed it for the Seahawks.

Had Allen not performed Monday heroics, the Seahawks would surely have laid the blame at the door of Corey Davis (big fat zero in snowy Green Bay) and the lacklustre combined 21.9 from D’Andre Swift, DeAndre Hopkins and Dee’Andre (Darnell) Mooney. But David Johnson (27.4) and Michael Gallup (27.1) plugged that gap.

Chris will perhaps be disappointed with the output from Mike Davis (8.8) and DJ Moore/Tim Patrick (combined 11.6), but neither manager can have any start/sit regrets, with the Spartans only having an extra 0.8 points sat on the bench.

The first four seasons have brought a different winner each year, and the Seahawks’ win continues that theme.

Roll on 2021!

Rookie draft order

The culmination of our fifth season (feels like yesterday we drafted!) means that the draft order is set for May:

  1. Hereford Chargers
  2. Lurgan Leopards
  3. Wigan Wombats
  4. Andover Sandslashers
  5. Derby Otters
  6. Oxford Pythons
  7. Chippenham Beavers
  8. Flitwick Fireflies
  9. Nottingham Bandits
  10. Coventry Eagles
  11. Gateshead Spartans
  12. Oxford Seahawks

The draft is set to begin on Saturday 29th May at midday, pending a rule change - it was widely suggested that we hold it slightly earlier, so we’ll vote on that in January.

Owner’s Meeting 2021

The Owner’s Meeting will take place during January/February. Please let me know of any rule change suggestions that you’d like us to vote on.