Josh's Phil's Weekly Awards 2021 - Week 3

Week 3 is in the books, and it was exciting stuff… I assume. I don’t really know because I didn’t watch any of the games because I was out at a music festival until the early hours. After reading about how my Steelers played, it is probably for the best.... [Read More]

Josh's Phil's Weekly Awards 2021 - Week 1 & 2

The NFL is back! With full stadiums, and no players missing games due to Covid (yet), it almost feels like the world is back to normal. I am very glad to have back my pleasant routine of getting up early and watching a condensed game in the morning with a... [Read More]

Rookie Draft 2021 - Round 1 recap

It’s almost a year since I introduced the 2020 first round recap with pithy words about a global pandemic, then quite new news but which at the time felt already old. There was doubt that a season would even be able to start in 2020, let alone finish with limited... [Read More]