Phil's Weekly Awards 2019 - Week 3

Big scores this week: only three teams failed to score over 100 points and you could make the argument that one of them wasn’t paying attention as he was away (Otters), another is doing his best with the remains of a bonfire (Fireflies) and the other was fielding a weakened... [Read More]

Phil's Weekly Awards 2019 - Week 2

Quarterback is meant to be the draft, forget and set position in fantasy football. There are 32 starters whilst there are only 12 of us in the league so once you have drafted your senior vet Brady, Brees or Rivers, you just make sure you have someone for bye weeks... [Read More]

Phil's Weekly Awards 2019 - Week 1

It feels so good to wake up in the morning and check fantasy scores again!! How many of us had at least 2 screens set up on Sunday evening, one for RedZone and the other for your favourite team and/or checking fantasy scores? I’m in eight leagues this year, a... [Read More]

Rookie Draft 2019 - Round 1 recap

Days after the mid-point between the Super Bowl and the start of the 2019 NFL season, what better way to fill the time than the 3rd annual UK Dynasty rookie draft? After the drama of a huge trade for the first overall pick prior to last year’s draft, the trading... [Read More]

Jon's Mock Draft v1.0

With the combine in the rear view mirror, draft season is in full flow, and that means it’s mock draft time, with resident Wombat Jonathan. [Read More]