Inspired by a post on the infallible /r/dynastyff subreddit, this year we’re going to try something new: a week 17 “Pro Bowl” 3-way matchup.

Each division (North, Midlands and South) will work together to construct a starting lineup (1 x QB, 2 x RB, 2 x WR, 1 TE, 2 FLEX) for Week 17, with the winning division earning bragging rights and perhaps a token prize, if the commissioner has drunk enough Christmas spirit by then.

Nobody has to take part, but to make this work we’ll need at least one representative from each division to be the “captain” - the division champs if possible - who will be responsible for submitting a lineup to the league messageboard by the kickoff of Week 17 (Sunday at 6pm). Changes can be made to the lineup (normal rules apply) by posting a message in the same thread before the kickoff of the involved players’ game.

Click for messageboard thread