The most important news of the season comes around this time of year - not who won the championship, but who is holding which pick in the rookie draft. Wait no longer, because here’s the order of picks for the 2020 Draft:

1: Flitwick Fireflies
2: Andover Sandslashers
3: Derby Otters
4: Oxford Seahawks
5: Hereford Chargers
6: Wigan Wombats
7: Oxford Pythons
8: Coventry Eagles
9: Gateshead Spartans
10: Chippenham Packers
11: Nottingham Bandits
12: Irish Flyers

That means, due to ferocious trading of first rounders, that the first round looks a little like this:

1.01: Flitwick Fireflies
1.02: Andover Sandslashers
1.03: Derby Otters
1.04: Oxford Seahawks
1.05: Oxford Seahawks (via Hereford Chargers)
1.06: Flitwick Fireflies (via Wigan Wombats)
1.07: Oxford Pythons
1.08: Wigan Wombats (via Coventry Eagles)
1.09: Oxford Seahawks (via Gateshead Spartans)
1.10: Andover Sandslashers (via Chippenham Packers)
1.11: Wigan Wombats (via Nottingham Bandits)
1.12: Hereford Chargers (via Irish Flyers)

The draft will take place (provisionally, barring any jailtime, rules changes, or jury duty, mountain climbing notwithstanding) on Saturday 30th May.


Trading will re-open on the Monday after the Super Bowl.

Remember to suggest any rule changes for next season onwards in the messageboard thread: