Last week was the week of big scores, this week was quite the opposite. Only half the teams managed to break the 100-point barrier with 4 teams getting 70 points or less, and I think this was due to the fact that many big name players failed to score big. Half of the top 12 scorers of the week were not on starting line-ups, which shows that, now byes and injuries are taking an effect, it’s not set and forget if you want to get the win.

Week 4 was the great equaliser of the league with 4 teams atop with 3-1, 4 teams in the middle with 2-2 and 4 teams at the bottom with 1-3. Nobody is undefeated and nobody is winless which I think is a great sign that the league isn’t lopsided either way.

The Buzzsaw - Derby Otters

I didn’t see it coming! I’m minding my own business, not a care in the world as I take on a winless team that hasn’t scored above 80 points so far this season, quietly putting up a decent score, not worried that I missed out on the Thursday Night points and Shep puts a bullet in the back of my head.

In a week of relatively low scoring, the Otters put up a nice score of 145 points (double his normal weekly output this season) but it could have been even higher, with Winston and Gallman left on the bench. Championships have been won on the back of Todd Gurley and even though he rushed just 5 times, he scored 22 points and Shep will not care how he gets those points. If Connor and Gurley can be the backs they were meant to be and AJ Brown becomes the WR that Corey Davis was meant to be, the Otters might not be at the bottom of the pile for long.

Wigan Wombats – 🏆
Chippenham Packers - 🏆
Gateshead Spartans – 🏆
Derby Otters - 🏆

Highest Point Scorer - Nottingham Bandits

Yep, I want Nick Chubb Nick Chubb is a guy that can get some points for me Hangin’ out the flex spot side Of the Bandits ride Hope he trades him over to me

That 88 yard TD run was a thing of beauty, he seemed to get faster the further he got down the field and getting 3TDs to the tune of 37.8 fantasy points, the Browns need to use the man more often!

Second highest scorer was also on the Bandits (Chris Godwin, 35.2 points) which meant that 57% of Josh’s points came from just 2 players!!!

Wigan Wombats – 🏆
Flitwick Fireflies – 🏆
Oxford Seahawks – 🏆
Nottingham Bandits - 🏆

Unluckiest Loser - Coventry Eagles

I got the 4th highest score this week. Another team won with less that 70 points. Everyone else who topped 100 points got a win.

These are the reasons why I finally get to present myself with an award as I always feel the need to justify it a little more. Did I already mention that Shep’s previous scores were 79, 67 and 74?

Oxford Seahawks – 🏆
Andover Sandslashers – 🏆
Hereford Chargers – 🏆
Coventry Eagles - 🏆

Closest Matchup - Gateshead Spartans

Gateshead Spartans 69.6 – 69.14 Irish Flyers

That is a disgusting score line and the Spartans steal a win but just 0.46 points.

Imagine going to bed on Monday night thinking you just need Andy Dalton to get 4.2 points and you’ll get an ugly win and move on in the hope that Barkley is back sooner rather than later. 3.64 is all he got and it exposed the other mistakes that Dermy made such as starting Melvin Gordon (who goose-egged). And there is nothing worse than the Thursday night goose-egg that Agholor put up.

Oxford Seahawks - 🏆
Oxford Pythons – 🏆
Andover Sandslashers – 🏆
Gateshead Spartans - 🏆

Most Impactful Injury - Coventry Eagles

Add Josh Allen and Mitch Trubisky the list of week one quarterbacks that won’t be playing in week five. Scott would start Watson and Gardner before Mitch and Dan will always start Wilson over Allen so they are both not too bad for their teams.

The most painful looking one was to TJ Hockenson but Olly has Jack Doyle, who thankfully has a head on his shoulders despite Burfict’s best efforts, and the emerging Dawson Knox.

Losing Marlon Mack might be frustrating for Chris with Damien Williams already out but McCaffrey can carry that whole position and White, Freeman or Thompson can fill in for a while.

Davante Adams has the dreaded turf toe and add that to Antonio Brown losing his goddamn mind and TY Hilton being out, my WR position has gone from deep to a puddle.

I’m feeling generous to myself so I’ll take another one.

Gateshead Spartans - 🏆
Oxford Pythons – 🏆
Irish Flyers – 🏆
Coventry Eagles - 🏆

Worst Decision - Irish Flyers

There were some doozies this week!!!

As I’ve already said, Dermy threw Melvin Gordon straight into his line up even though Ekeler had been doing well enough in his absence to suggest that he would continue to get the workload until Gordon in shape and out of the doghouse. Next week would have been the better bet, and playing Burkhead or Hogan instead would have stolen the win even though they only scored 1.1 and 1.2 points respectively.

Matt Breida on a bye meant that I had to replace him and in my mind it was between Howard and Cohen. My heart said play Howard, as Eagles podcasts had been saying all week that the Packers allowed run yards, but my brain said that the Eagles like to throw, so I chose Cohen who scored 8.8 points whilst Howard got 31. Not a game decider but a lot of points left on the bench.

Chris started Brady, who was playing a very tough Bills defense, over Aaron Rodgers who was playing an Eagles defense that has neither good nor healthy cornerbacks. Metcalf over Landry was also an interesting one but I can see the boom or bust choice in that decision.

Although my decision cost the most points, Dermy’s decision cost him a win.

Nottingham Bandits - 🏆
Irish Flyers - 🏆🏆
Hereford Chargers - 🏆

Roll of Honour

Gateshead Spartans - 🏆🏆🏆
Irish Flyers - 🏆🏆🏆
Oxford Seahawks - 🏆🏆🏆
Hereford Chargers - 🏆🏆
Nottingham Bandits - 🏆🏆
Oxford Pythons - 🏆🏆
Andover Sandslashers - 🏆🏆
Coventry Eagles - 🏆🏆
Wigan Wombats - 🏆🏆
Derby Otters - 🏆
Flitwick Fireflies - 🏆
Chippenham Packers - 🏆