Big scores this week: only three teams failed to score over 100 points and you could make the argument that one of them wasn’t paying attention as he was away (Otters), another is doing his best with the remains of a bonfire (Fireflies) and the other was fielding a weakened team against a clearly stronger opponent πŸ˜‰.

The newly formed divisions are starting to take on characteristics: The North has all their teams currently at 2-1 and are the highest average scoring division with 124 pptpg (points per team, per game) and facing the second highest scores against, 112 pptpg. It looks like it will be the toughest division to get out of and intra-divisional games will be of greater importance. NFC North?

The Midlands has the only undefeated team left (πŸ˜‰) but has the advantage of facing the lowest pptpg at 104. However, UKD Mid teams only manage to score 97 pptpg and that is reflected in the lop-sidedness, a 3-0 team, a 1-2 team and two 0-3 teams. AFC East vibes?

The South, home of the Oxford rivalry that has already produced a great matchup this season, has faced the highest pptpg at 121 which means their records are slightly worse than the North. 2-1 and 1-2 records means this division could be won by any of the teams and the luck of the schedule will probably play a major factor in who progresses. AFC South?

The Buzzsaw - Gateshead Spartans

A challenge was issued, the 2-0 Packers fresh off their week 2 Buzzsaw, looked to keep up their perfect start to the season against the former champion Spartans. Instead, they scored the 4th worst total of the week and it was the Spartans who brought their A game and had the highest total of the week. The shrewd addition of Greg Olsen netted 22.5 points, the second highest scorer on the team behind the player I’d probably take number 1 overall in dynasty right now, CMC who had 26.3 points. With Noah Fant having some rookie issues and Jimmy Graham MIA (He’s at the Dolphins?! - Ed), that could be one of the best trades of the season.

Wigan Wombats – πŸ†
Chippenham Packers - πŸ†
Gateshead Spartans - πŸ†

Highest Point Scorer - Oxford Seahawks

It was the week of big scores with 6 players scoring over 30 points and 32 scoring over 20, compared to 3 / 22 in week 2. Only 0.3 points separated Mike Evans and Russell Wilson at the top of the scoreboard, but Wilson’s 41.34 points wasn’t enough for Dan to win his matchup and slump to a losing record. Sammy Watkins’ week 1 score is still the highest of the season so far, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Wilson at the top of this list again with the way he is playing this season.

Is it me or has Michael made some crafty changes to his car crash of a roster? Daniel Jones was the 4th overall scorer but was on his bench in favour of fellow rookie Kyler Murray so there is finally a position of depth on the team, especially with Mason Rudolph on the taxi squad.

Taylor Gabriel was the other top ten scorer that didn’t start but it wouldn’t have made any difference for the Pythons this week.

Wigan Wombats – πŸ†
Flitwick Fireflies – πŸ†
Oxford Seahawks - πŸ†

Unluckiest Loser - Hereford Chargers

For the first time that I can remember, if you were a top six scorer for the week, then you won your matchup. Spartans, Wombats, Eagles, Bandits, Flyers and Sandslashers were the top scorers in that order and they were all winners this week, so I must have some other criteria to judge this award on.

Going into week 3, Jason maybe felt good going against the 0-2 Sandslashers but if you looked at their average scores, Scott was scoring more than the Chargers on average, so it was going to be a close one and that proved to be the case. 2 games behind in the division already will be tough to turn around.

Oxford Seahawks – πŸ†
Andover Sandslashers – πŸ†
Hereford Chargers - πŸ†

Closest Matchup - Andover Sandslashers

Only one close matchup this week as the rest were won quite comfortably by 20+ margins and whilst not as close as last week, 1.88 is still a painfully close score to lose by. Matt Ryan throws 34 times and only targets Calvin Ridley once?! Mo Sanu got 6 receptions, hell even Luke Stocker got 3 and when that happens, fantasy football can really piss you off. Well done to the Sandslashers for getting off the slide and winning even though you started Minshew over Watson you crazy Jags fan!

Oxford Seahawks - πŸ†
Oxford Pythons – πŸ†
Andover Sandslashers - πŸ†

Most Impactful Injury - Irish Flyers

Julian Edelman missing time is so…

Only joking! Barkley went off injured at the weekend and Eagles fans and non-Barkley owners rejoiced but then he came back on and we were once again faced with the thought of him ruining our real and fantasy seasons. But he got injured again and this time he is going to miss a significant chunk of the fantasy season and this hits Dermy hard, as possible replacement in LeSean McCoy also picked up an ankle injury, Miles Sanders shouldn’t see the field until he sorts his hands out, Joe Mixon has a bad o-line limiting him, Burkhead is in a backfield every owner hates and Melvin Gordon shows no signs of turning up for the Chargers or being traded. Barkley by himself could have scored enough points for the entire RB position but now Dermy must survive until he comes back.

Gateshead Spartans - πŸ†
Oxford Pythons – πŸ†
Irish Flyers - πŸ†

Worst Decision - Hereford Chargers

RE last week:

Jonathan Moffatt (Wigan Wombats): For line-up decision, I vote for Bandits benching Godwin or (more costly) Spartans benching Sanders.

Bandits get the point for week 2.

Couple of choices this week, some that made a difference and some that didn’t.

Jason had to choose between Derek Carr vs the Vikings and Jake Brisket vs the Falcons and my instinct was to say that the Vikings D would be a worse matchup that the Falcons, but the stats don’t back that up. Another thing to consider would be that Brisket is more of rush threat than Carr, and the 5-point difference that there ended up being was a matchup loser.

Scott starting Minshew over Watson is blind fandom which I greatly respect (I find it hard to own any other NFCE players) but this is fantasy football and I will do anything to keep this fantastic trophy in my house and if that means benching Wentz, I’ll do it! Luckily it didn’t hurt the Sandslashers thanks to Lindsey and Kupp.

Do the ends justify the means? I’m giving this one to the Chargers.

Nottingham Bandits - πŸ†
Irish Flyers - πŸ†
Hereford Chargers - πŸ†

Roll of Honour

Oxford Seahawks - πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†
Wigan Wombats - πŸ†πŸ†
Oxford Pythons - πŸ†πŸ†
Irish Flyers - πŸ†πŸ†
Gateshead Spartans - πŸ†πŸ†
Andover Sandslashers - πŸ†πŸ†
Hereford Chargers - πŸ†πŸ†
Chippenham Packers - πŸ†
Flitwick Fireflies - πŸ†
Nottingham Bandits - πŸ†