The inaugural UK Dynasty free agency auction kicks off on Sunday 1st July, so it’s probably time to make sure we’re all clear on how it works. Without delay…

When does it start?

The auction will begin at midday on Sunday 1st July 2018.

What’s the budget?

All 12 teams will be assigned their $200 FAAB at the start of the auction. This budget is for the whole 2018 season, so spend it wisely. Or stupidly.

How do I bid?

On MyFantasyLeague’s auction page. The page will list currently open auctions, alongside their high bid and timer, and a list of available players for which you can open the bidding.

All owners can open an auction on any free agent, setting their opening maximum bid.

You must have both a) space on your roster and b) enough remaining FAAB, taking into account active high bids in the auction, to make a bid. MFL won’t let you make the bid if either of these things aren’t fulfilled.

When is a player won?

When the 18-hour timer expires - i.e. when the high bidder hasn’t changed for 18 hours.

The player will then be transferred to the roster of the winning bidder, and the bid amount will be deducted from their FAAB.

What is proxy bidding?

Proxy bidding is turned on, meaning that if your opening bid is $15, the current winning bid will be $1 (the minimum). If somebody bids $10, your proxy bid will kick in and you will remain the current high bidder at $11. Only when somebody bids over $15 will you cease to be the high bidder.

If you’ve ever used eBay, you’ll know how this works.

If a proxy bid increases the current high bid but not the high bidder, the 18-hour clock is not reset.

Read more about it on MFL here, and feel free to ask your dutiful commissioner if their (or my) garbled explanation doesn’t suffice.

When does it end?

At midday on Sunday 8th July, no new auctions will be able to be opened. Auctions that are open at that point will be allowed to finish naturally.