Worst Line-up Decision

The Oxford Pythons could have won this award with 2 decisions and one of them cost them the win.

Playing Marty B ahead of Tyler Kroft I feel is the more obvious mistake, but it was the least costly. Bennett hasn’t been a focus of the Packers offense having had just 5 receptions in the 2 games leading up to the Packers’ first game without Aaron Rodgers, whilst Kroft has filled in Eifert’s role and is the redzone target for the Bengals. The point differential wouldn’t have made this a win, but this felt like playing the name rather than the production.

The costly decision was at quarterback with 15.6 points left on the bench in a game that was lost by 10.8! I feel like this was a coin toss between Mariota and McCown so I can’t be too critical, but in the South division where 5 teams are 1 game apart, this line up decision could be the most costly of the season!

Chippenham Packers – 1
Irish Flyers – 1
Oxford Seahawks – 1
Oxford Pythons – 1

Most Impactful Injury

This week’s injuries happened mostly to players that were on people’s benches such as Culter and Palmer but perhaps the most impactful injury was the one before the games started to Leonard Fournette. He had been coasting to rookie of the year with over 20 points in his last 3 games and his replacements in this weekend’s game scored 29.4 points between them. Hopefully the injury and the bye don’t cause a #gradualdecline for the rest of the year.

Oxford Pythons – 1
Nottingham Bandits (Invalids) – 2
Andover Sandslashers – 1

Closest Matchup

(That was a close one!)

Our reigning champions squeaked out a 9.3 point victory over the Chargers, and a big part of that was down to the non-timed down winning touchdown by Crabtree. That is about as close as it gets!

Andover Sandslashers – 2
Oxford Pythons – 1
Gateshead Spartans – 1

Unluckiest Loser

(You can’t handle the truth!)

The Derby Otters have the 6th highest score this week and lose whilst the Bandits have the 10th highest score and win. If the Otters had played me last week, that score would have won. Fantasy football can be cruel!

Wigan Wombats – 1
Coventry Eagles – 1
Hereford Chargers – 1
Derby Otters – 1

The Buzzsaw

(There is no crying in Fantasy Football!)

Who decided to let the Irishman in here?! Winning isn’t enough for Dermy anymore, he has to get the highest score of the season so far against the poor Packers. They didn’t stand a chance against a team that could have played just Zeke, McCoy, Ertz and Thielen and still won. That is the definition of running into a buzzsaw.

Irish Flyers – 3
Wigan Wombats – 1

Highest Individual Player Score

(Show me the money!)

I messaged Dan on Friday saying he will mostly likely win an award next week as Amari Cooper finally started his 2017 season and scored a massive 38.5 points. Sorry Dan, but the Cowboys got to play the 2nd worst team in football and Ezekiel Elliot put up a ridiculous 40.4 points even though he was pulled in the 4th quarter. If the suspension could start in week 14 to give us all a chance in the play offs, that would be nice!

Irish Flyers – 3
Wigan Wombats – 1