Worst Line-up Decision

(What is your major malfunction!)

There are a couple of options to choice from this week. I told you that the Eagles run defence is good, but the Otters played Stewart anyway and he ran for a fantastic -4 yards on 8 carries. Negative points! It would have been better to play a man down!

Brate has caught TDs in the last 4 weeks now and scored double digit points in those games whilst Kelce was coming off a concussion. The 10 points difference luckily didn’t cost me.

The Seahawks decided that Matt Breida as a backup was a better option than ppr darling Theo Riddick but the worst decision of the week was actually a free agent pick up and play. Dan chose Brian Hoyer over Case Keenum as his QB streamer and that coincided with the week Hoyer gets benched!!

Chippenham Packers - 1
Irish Flyers - 1
Oxford Seahawks - 1

Most Impactful Injury

(I used to be an adventurer like you…)

Of course the Bandits/Invalids are mentioned in this section! This time Aaron Rodgers is out and probably the earliest he will be back will be deep in the fantasy playoffs, so next year for the Bandits. That is Rodgers, Beckham and Robinson all out now and that is basically 3 start-up picks. If I were Joshua, I’d be making blood sacrifices to as many gods as possible to try and get this curse lifted before the offseason!

Oxford Pythons - 1
Nottingham Bandits (Invalids) - 2

Closest Matchup

(That was a close one!)

The Packers vs. the Sandslashers finished just 8.1 points apart and if Scott had a little bit more faith in his team he would have won the match up. Ivory sat on the bench and scored 18.2 points whilst old men Gore and Charles got 7.7 and 2.6 respectively. Losing is one thing, but losing because you don’t believe in your own team? Shame, shame…

Andover Sandslashers - 2
Oxford Pythons - 1

Unluckiest Loser

(You can’t handle the truth!)

The Hereford Chargers had the week’s 4th highest score this week and faced a Pythons team that scored the following results in previous weeks: 84.9, 84.1, 104.5, 101, and 72.4. This week however, the Python running backs went crazy, scoring 83.5 points themselves allowing the pass catchers to get just 13.9 and still win (Howard was the lowest scoring back and he got 18.1, more than the 4 receivers combined!). If the Chargers had played against the Eagles, they would have been in a tie for 1st place in the division instead they are 2 games back and in the chasing pack.

Wigan Wombats - 1
Coventry Eagles - 1
Hereford Chargers - 1

The Buzzsaw

(There is no crying in Fantasy Football!)

Wigan Wombats put up the highest score of the season so far with the first, second and seventh highest scorers of the week. The Otters had been doing well at 4-1 but even their optimal line up would have been blown away by the Wombats and it ended up with an 85 point margin. Even Mr 6-0 Dermy has to be worried about the explosive power of this Wombats team!

Irish Flyers - 2
Wigan Wombats - 1

Highest Individual Player Score

(Show me the money!)

Melvin Gordon went crazy scoring 31.5 points with 83 rushing yards, 9 receptions for 67 yards and 2TDs! As said before this helped the Wombats to weekly high score but this week Gordon is up against the league’s toughest run D in Denver…

Irish Flyers - 2
Wigan Wombats - 1