Rookie Draft 2020: Order

The most important news of the season comes around this time of year - not who won the championship, but who is holding which pick in the rookie draft. Wait no longer, because here’s the order of picks for the 2020 Draft: [Read More]

Week 17 Pro Bowl

Inspired by a post on the infallible /r/dynastyff subreddit, this year we’re going to try something new: a week 17 “Pro Bowl” 3-way matchup. [Read More]

Flyers claim Britannia Bowl IV glory

Congratulations to the Irish Flyers, who were worthy champions of the UK Dynasty 2019 season after a 159.88 to 100.34 victory over the Nottingham Bandits in the fourth Britannia Bowl this past weekend. Superstar RB Saquon Barkley, mildly underwhelming in this 2019 season, peaked at just the right time for... [Read More]

Playoffs 2019

Playoffs are upon us. With spots still to play for in Week 13, I must tip my hat to the divisional realignment for keeping things interesting all the way through to the end. [Read More]