Phil's Weekly Awards - Week 12

It is the last week of the fantasy regular season and for half of the league it is the last game of the year. How the hell does it go by so quickly?! How different does everything NFL feel now? [Read More]

Phil's Weekly Awards - Week 10: Grudge matches

Grudge matches this week. The rematch of last year’s final was a bit of a let down but there was a battle of frenemies between Chris vs Scott and a battle of the Commish vs the controversial add to the group (just messing Dermy!) and those 2 matches were the... [Read More]

Phil's Weekly Awards - Week 9

Week 9 had some weird results! Two of the four buzzsaw teams scored below 100 points: the Flyers with 76 and the Otters with 90. The Spartans almost tripled the score of their opponent Fireflies. There was a contender for lowest scoring winner in the league’s history with the Pythons... [Read More]