This intro is offered to our leaguemate who posted a message in the chat that he would be stepping aside for the time being and if we wanted we could look into finding a new owner for his team but everyone seems to be of the same opinion that we would keep his seat warm for him and let him revisit the decision later down the road. This isn’t the same as the Hamza situation!

I think it has been mentioned by other people in chat, so I know I’m not the only one who has dealt with issues like anxiety and depression and when I say dealt I mean I’m always dealing with every day and so whatever you are going through right now, this here is a group that is here to listen if you need it. We might not “know fuck about shit” on precisely what is happening but we can offer distractions if you want or need it so stick around on Groupme and hopefully we can all watch the Super Bowl together again next year (COVID complying).

The Buzzsaw: Chippenham Beavers

The week one, 1.5pt defeat to a division rival has set a fire under the Beavers as they claim their second buzzsaw of the season so far and reclaim top spot in the South after the Seahawks lost their perfect start. It’s thanks to savvy moves like starting Mike Davis when CMC is still out and getting the same points as Aaron Jones who also had a good week, but there is no doubt that the Beavers are riding on the success of the Double D’s, Dak and Dalvin, who are top ten scorers so far.

Gateshead Spartans - 🏆
Chippenham Beavers - 🏆🏆
Nottingham Bandits - 🏆

Highest Point Scorer - Lurgan Leopards

Tipped to have a break out year with the new regime and new QB, Joe Mixon didn’t start the season like the Leopards had hoped but he had faced pretty good run defenses in the Chargers, Browns and Eagles. So along come the Jags (Sorry Scott) and Mixon leads the week with 181 total yards and 3 TDs, one of them even being a receiving TD which bodes well for the future and keeping the likes of Bernard off the field. The problem is that it’s the Ravens, Colts and Browns again in the next 3 weeks, so Dermy is hoping that the momentum carries…

The top ten had a nostalgia feel to it with OBJ, Brady, Rodgers in it but surprises such as Robert Tonyan make you realise that the Fireflies are serious and coming for your division title!

We spoke last week about Dan being wasteful and having high scoring QBs on their bench so it is only fair that both the Spartans (Brady) and Leopards (Bridgewater) get called out for having top ten players and the points just sitting there, squandered.

Wigan Wombats – 🏆
Chippenham Beavers – 🏆
Nottingham Bandits - 🏆
Lurgan Leopards - 🏆

Unluckiest Loser - Gateshead Spartans

Sometimes luck is on your side and sometimes you just have to accept that despite your best efforts, this just isn’t your time. That is how Chris must be feeling with his Spartans after putting up a very healthy 125.7 points with an efficiency of 92% and still losing and dropping to 1-3. In another division, that wouldn’t be so bad but the North has the only remaining unbeaten team so he is three games back and if he would have faced either my Eagles or Scott’s Sandslashers, our wins would have been his. It seems that fifth highest weekly scorer is the curse.

Chippenham Beavers - 🏆
Gateshead Spartans - 🏆🏆
Coventry Eagles - 🏆

Closest Matchup - Coventry Eagles

Scott pointed it out in the chat after the games, my Eagles have been very, very lucky to start the season and this week I just scrapped past a team set by rankings by only 6.9 points. It seems my roster is aging faster than I’d hoped (Ryan, Julio, Hilton) and the gambles I’ve taken haven’t paid off yet (Samuel, Breida, Engram) but as was the case in the first and second season, a superstar running back can carry you far and I’m riding Kamara for as long as I can! Maybe I get one more week of luck but after that it is the Beavers, Fireflies and Leopards and I’ll need more than luck then.

Oxford Seahawks – 🏆
Coventry Eagles – 🏆🏆
Flitwick Fireflies – 🏆

Most Impactful Injury - Oxford Pythons

What is with all the running back injuries this season!

The Bandits lose Chubb for a few weeks but having his back up as your back up is sensible rostering and Hunt looks like he will fill in nicely.

The Pythons lose Ekeler for 4-6 weeks with a hamstring problem and this is compounded by the Titans still struggling with a Covid situation and that means no Henry or Evans so the Pythons might only have 3 RBs to choose from. Olly was also sensible and rostered Ekeler’s backup in Josh Kelley but he was splitting the carries with Justin Jackson more than Hunt was with Johnson.

I saw OJ Howard catch that TD from Brady and it looked like he was finally going to fill the role he was meant to have and then he tears his achilles (that sounds painful and reminds me of the film Hostel!) but the Wombats are so comfortable at the TE position that they were starting three anyway.

I’m giving this to Olly due to the combo of Ekeler and Henry.

Gateshead Spartans – 🏆🏆
Coventry Eagles – 🏆
Oxford Pythons – 🏆

Worst Decision - Lurgan Leopards

You buy your new toy and you want to use it immediately but sometimes you should just wait until the time is right. AJ Green went straight into the Leopards line up but Green hadn’t scored double digits in a game yet and even with Burrow being the first rookie QB to throw over 300 yards in so many games (these stats get so convoluted I can’t remember the details) he still only managed just 1 catch. He is the 189th overall fantasy scorer across the first four weeks. A player like Cole Beasley isn’t a name like Green but his lowest score this season is higher than any of Green’s and if you are ever going to start Tre’Quan Smith it has to be when MT is missing time.

The Seahawks had the second worst efficiency rating this week with 63.6% but I couldn’t argue too much about the decisions. Wilson vs Allen is a nice decision to have and I wouldn’t have started N’Keal Harry, David Moore and Latavius Murray over Hopkins, Gallup and Taylor. In fact it probably shows the decent depth of the roster, just hope the bench players keep it up when they are needed during bye weeks.

Oh and Jason, I take offense to you starting Mullens against the Eagles over Haskins, I see what you are saying about Dermy and my team, that even he could take apart our woeful secondary and linebackers. Week 9 just became a grudge match!

Chippenham Beavers - 🏆
Gateshead Spartans - 🏆
Andover Sandslashers – 🏆
Lurgan Leopards – 🏆