Playoffs are upon us. With spots still to play for in Week 13, I must tip my hat to the divisional realignment for keeping things interesting all the way through to the end.

North division winners: Gateshead Spartans (10-3, 1574.08 PF)
Midlands division winners: Coventry Eagles (8-5, 1361.26 PF)
South division winners: Chippenham Packers (10-3, 1616.60 PF)

That sorts out our top 3 seeds, with the Packers and Spartans getting the byes.

  1. Chippenham Packers
  2. Gateshead Spartans
  3. Coventry Eagles

4th and 5th seeds go to the next two best records:

  1. Oxford Pythons (7-6, 1345.08 PF)
  2. Irish Flyers (7-6, 1277.98 PF)

6th seed goes to the remaining highest points scorer over the season:

  1. Nottingham Bandits (6-7, 1487.38 PF)

Thus, we have our Wildcard Weekend matchups for week 14:

Coventry Eagles (3) vs. Nottingham Bandits (6)
Oxford Pythons (4) vs. Irish Flyers (5)

In the Semi-Finals in week 15, the Packers will play the lowest winning seed from those matchups, while the Spartans will face the higher seed.

2020 Rookie Draft

Alas, I am on the outside looking in to the playoffs, so let’s stop talking about boring things like that and move on to the exciting bit: the first 6 picks of the 2020 Rookie Draft are now set in stone:

1.01: Flitwick Fireflies
1.02: Andover Sandslashers
1.03: Derby Otters
1.04: Oxford Seahawks
1.05: Oxford Seahawks (via Hereford Chargers)
1.06: Flitwick Fireflies (via Wigan Wombats)

Good luck to all those battling it out for the ultimate crown. See you in 2020 😭