The Fireflies win a game! Michael didn’t need to post his highest score of the season to beat the Chargers but he tops 100 points for the first time and now makes it a 4-horse race for the number 1 pick in next season’s rookie draft. It’s a combination of bad players and bad luck that has put him in this situation as he has scored the least points but has also faced the 2 highest amount of points against him through 6 weeks.

The commish is now on a 5-game losing streak with the only win coming against the fellow struggler Jason. Poor Dan has faced 722 points so far, that’s an average of 120 a week!

Most Points Scored     Most Points Conceded    
1st Irish Flyers North 1st Oxford Seahawks South
2nd Coventry Eagles South 2nd Flitwick Fireflies North
3rd Derby Otters North 3rd Oxford Pythons South
4th Nottingham Bandits North 4th Chippenham Packers South
5th Andover Sandslashers South 5th Coventry Eagles South
6th Gateshead Spartans North 6th Derby Otters North
7th Wigan Wombats North 7th Wigan Wombats North
8th Chippenham Packers South 8th Irish Flyers North
9th Hereford Chargers South 9th Hereford Chargers South
10th Oxford Seahawks South 10th Nottingham Bandits North
11th Oxford Pythons South 11th Gateshead Spartans North
12th Flitwick Fireflies North 12th Andover Sandslashers South

The Clash of the Titans™ was pretty much settled after TNF with Saquon setting the tone and getting the 4th highest score of the week, which puts Dermy on track for the crown. His biggest obstacle probably comes from within the division as the reigning champs put on a display this week, but more on that later…

Worst Line-up Decision

For what I feel is the first time this season, there are a couple of decisions that I can point out and one which made the difference in an outcome.

Dan doesn’t help his cause when he starts Charles Clay over OJ Howard. Now I know that Howard was thought to be nursing an injury, but I’d forgotten that Clay even existed! He is TE37 on the season and is below the likes of Brett Ellison, Erik Swoope and Josh Hill, all of which are still available on waivers.

But there were 2 decisions that changed outcomes.

Firstly, Scott started Watson over Trubisky. Watson has averaged more points that Trubisky but he was playing injured in week 6 and the Bills D isn’t too bad. Trubisky was coming off a bye and the week before had thrown for 6 TDs and was facing a porous Miami D. The reason the Sandslashers don’t get the award is because it might not have mattered if Kupp hadn’t gotten injured.

The winner of the award is Olly and his Pythons. An injured Mariota against one of the best defences in the league over Keenum who would be getting a lot of garbage time padding against the Rams. Yes, it will be Chad Kelly soon but it wasn’t going to be this week and it cost Olly a win.

Flitwick Fireflies – 🏆
Irish Flyers – 🏆
Nottingham Bandits – 🏆
Wigan Wombats – 🏆
Gateshead Spartans – 🏆
Oxford Pythons - 🏆

Most Impactful Injury

Week 6 had plenty of injuries but I don’t think there were any that will change the fortunes of a team going forward.

Three more quarterbacks are added to the walking wounded list. Keenum came in and out of the game, Josh Allen might miss some time with a UCL injury (never heard of that one!) and Mayfield messed his ankle up but the Pythons, Spartans and Otters should have enough depth to cover them.

For wide receivers, Enunwa’s ankle issue isn’t a problem for the Bandits as they have OBJ, Cooks and ARob. Sanu and Ridley both were hurt but should play next week.

The 2 bigger injuries were the ones to the Coopers, Kupp and Amari. Kupp might miss a decent amount of time and the Sandslashers are a little light behind Boyd, Green and Cole. Amari’s concussion probably wiped trade value for both Gruden and Dan. I think the injury to Kupp has the biggest short term effect so Scott gets his 4th award and should inherit the IR award as well.

Andover Sandslashers – 🏆🏆🏆🏆
Irish Flyers – 🏆
Chippenham Packers – 🏆

Closest Matchup

A little bit of luck is needed in fantasy football and Chris and the Spartans got it when he faced the Pythons this week. A margin of 12.1 points was enough to keep Chris in the playoff hunt and it was mainly thanks to Olly’s limited options at QB and TE and him making the wrong choices. When you face a player in Tyreek Hill who scores 3 TD, you thank the fantasy football gods when you still win!

Andover Sandslashers – 🏆
Coventry Eagles – 🏆
Hereford Chargers – 🏆
Chippenham Packers – 🏆
Wigan Wombats – 🏆
Gateshead Spartans - 🏆

Unluckiest Loser

I tried, I really tried. My Eagles scored the 3rd highest total of the week and while that has been enough most weeks (due to the weakness of the South this year [Go easy! Ed]) it wasn’t enough to beat Dermy’s Flyers. I needed 60 points from Adams on MNF and he did manage 30 but the damage was done when Tyrell and not Mike Williams went crazy on the Browns. If Kamara wasn’t on bye… If only we played week 9…

Derby Otters – 🏆🏆
Andover Sandslashers – 🏆
Nottingham Bandits – 🏆
Oxford Seahawks – 🏆
Coventry Eagles - 🏆

The Buzzsaw

Honourable mention to Chris and the Otters for an absolute smackdown on Tom and the Packers! The 85.8 point margin of victory was more than 3 other teams scored in total! Gurley might just be enough to push the Otters to a repeat.

The highest score of the week goes once again to Dermy as Barkley and Gordon continue to put up points at a ridiculous rates as the 5th and 6th highest scorers in the league.

Remember when it felt like an AFC or NFC championship felt like a better match up than the Super Bowl? It might be like that this year in the Britannia Bowl as 9 out of the top 10 fantasy players are currently in the North.

Irish Flyers – 🏆🏆🏆🏆
Gateshead Spartans – 🏆
Coventry Eagles - 🏆

Highest Individual Player Score

I told you, winning the HPS is a curse but Olly didn’t listen! Tyreek Hill scored 35.7 points but that ended up being a third of the Pythons total this week. 8 out of 10 of the top scoring players this week came from the North and the 2 from the South are on a bye in week 7. I think I (Jon Snow), Daenerys (Dan), Cersei (Scott), Euron (Olly) and the Hound (Jason) need to unite to defeat the Night King (Dermy) and his dragon (Chris S)!

Oxford Pythons - 🏆🏆
Gateshead Spartans – 🏆
Hereford Chargers – 🏆
Coventry Eagles – 🏆
Derby Otters - 🏆

Roll of Honour

Flyers - 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆
Sandslashers - 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆
Spartans - 🏆🏆🏆🏆
Eagles - 🏆🏆🏆🏆
Pythons - 🏆🏆🏆
Otters – 🏆🏆🏆
Bandits - 🏆🏆
Chargers - 🏆🏆
Packers – 🏆🏆
Wombats – 🏆🏆
Fireflies - 🏆
Seahawks – 🏆