The rumours circulating regarding a possible uprooting of the struggling Bradford Championz franchise have been proved true, with the announcement that the team is on the move to Flitwick, north of Luton, and will undergo a re-branding.

The Flitwick Fireflies and new owner Mike Ki-Fun will look to turn around the fortunes of the previously ironically named Championz, after two miserable seasons in Bradford which saw them finish with 6-7 and 4-9 records respectively.

“I want to start by saying a big thank you to everyone for allowing me into the league. It is an exciting time to be apart of this, so I really appreciate the opportunity offered to me,” Mike said in the team’s opening press conference in Flitwick. “We are very confident that, with some patience and forward thinking, we will turn things around and then we can start looking to win this thing.”

It seems that the new ownership may be more interested in promoting the franchise’s brand than its predecessors.

“In terms of the name change, we felt that this was the right time for a fresh start: new owner, new home, and brand new aspirations.” said Mike, wide-eyed and in a dreamlike trance. “We feel that the Firefly truly reflects the image of what we want to be, each member of this team shines as an individual, but it is when they are all brought together that they become truly breath-taking.”

The UK Dynasty league has confirmed that the Fireflies will remain in the North division for at least the 2018 season, although the league hinted that a re-jig of divisions to account for the move may take place in a future off-season.