A bit of a different style of recap this week. Rather than re-hashing the scoreboard or the waivers report, I’m going with more of a “what we learned this week” list-style for the weekly report. Everyone loves lists, right? Buzzfeed, here I come.

  1. A topsy-turvy crazy weekend in the NFL it may have been, both sportingly and politically, but it wasn’t a weekend for surprises in UK Dynasty. All 3 2-0 teams are now 3-0. All 3 0-2 teams are now 0-3.

  2. The Derby Otters and the Irish Flyers are seemingly unstoppable forces in the North. Both are 3-0, and their four Northern rivals have just 3 wins between them. The Otters beat this week’s lowest scorers the Andover Sandslashers. The Otters’ 25.3 point winning margin over the Andover Sandslashers was their lowest of the season, with 35+ point blowouts in weeks 1 and 2. They meet in weeks 5 and 12, two heavyweight battles that will surely have a big impact on the North division title.

  3. The Gateshead Spartans, notwithstanding some sort of miraculous point correction, narrowly lost to the Oxford Pythons, leaving 101.5 points on the bench. Carson Palmer (21.7), Dak Prescott (22.9) or Alex Smith (15.1) would have clinched the win, but Big Ben strolled out and returned with a shoddy 12 points from Soldier Field in a surprise loss to the Bears. The Spartans got off to a winning start, but now sit at 1-2.

  4. The Nottingham Bandits, Hereford Chargers and Chippenham Packers all topped 100 points for the first time in 2017, leaving the Bradford Championz and Andover Sandslashers as the only remaining teams yet to make a ton in a week this season.

  5. The Otters dropped $42 of FABB budget on running backs Andre Ellington and Alex Collins. Ellington is the next man to be given a go as “RB1” in Arizona after Kerwynn Williams and Chris Johnson failed to get the job done like DJ (who’d have thought?). Collins was the best thing about the Ravens at Wembley on Sunday, which is quite the compliment, I’m sure you’ll find. Running backs with a chance at being the starter don’t come up very often in this here league, so the Otters’ spending to shore up their RB depth doesn’t come as a big shock.