The results are in from the votes on rule change suggestions for the coming seasons. Six suggestions were put forward for a vote at the Owners’ Meeting:

  • There should be no position limits within rosters
  • Change vetoing trades to commissioner-only, and reduce the trade review period to 24 hours (currently 48 hours)
  • Remove trade review period and process trades immediately with commissioner approval for “on-the-clock” trades during the rookie draft (currently same as in-season)
  • Increase the clock for the rookie draft to 10 (from 8) hours, with a pause between 10pm and 6am (currently midnight-5am)
  • Reduce the number of rounds in the annual rookie draft to 4, from 5, from 2018 onwards
  • Implement a £10 per season league entry fee, with prizes of £80 for the championship winner, £30 for the runner-up, and £10 for the consolation bracket winner

All suggestions apart from the last one (to introduce a league fee) were passed

You can see the full record of voting on this Google Sheet.

Rule changes will be implemented immediately.